Monday, June 22, 2009


NOTE: a problem occured in UT with my design today where the boundary layers no longer showed the surrounding sky and in play mode showed double of my design however it wasn't there in the UT editor. I tried to fix the problem all of today  however i couldn't and this is also why the images don't show the surrounding sky, however the map is still playable and the design can still be seen however it takes away from the overall image i hope it wont affect it too much 

Experiment 3

Madonnas Office/Stage

Madonna, an entertainment machine, has her office as a stage as this is where she is at her best. The stage then connects to a back stage room where she can escape the spotlight if desired. This then leads to the meeting place which will only descend to Madonna when Obama decides.

The Meeting Room and Table

The meeting room in this design represents the power struggle between Barack Obama and Madonna however in this design Obama's power is the dominant so to show this i gave the power to decide when a meeting would take place to Obama. The meeting room would only allow Madonna access if Obama was present in the meeting room at the time.

In the table however i based the design on circular shapes, consisting of supports and a circular desk as circles are shapes with no beginning or end and only one edge showing a kind of pure equality.

Barark Obamas Office

Barack Obamas office consists of a large capitalist style office building, framed completely like glass drawing to the point that his position of power as the President of one of the most powerful countries in the world economically. Barack Obama's power is through support and becaue of this i tried to make use of supports, eg the framework of the tower and the supports holding up the corridor that meets the lift. Barack being in such a higher position of power then Madonna he has control of the meeting room which when entered by Barack, the floor of the meeting room itself would act as a lift lowering Madonna's area allowing her to enter the meating, giving Barack the power to decide if and when a meeting is going to take place.